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Kit's Ceremonies Are Uniquely Tailored To Meet Your Wishes

Perfect ceremonies mean just one thing: being all about you and what is important to you. It is your story. Tell it the way you want it!

The choice is entirely yours as to where and when you would like to celebrate your key milestones on life’s journey. You can choose to remember loved ones in their special place, hold a personal life celebration or conduct a wedding ceremony anywhere at all – up mountains, in forests, by the sea, in a hotel or just about anywhere else you can imagine… 

Working with me, Kit Hurstfield, as your Civil Celebrant means you can include the elements of celebration you wish to use – your ceremony is yours and your stories can be told in exactly the way you wish them to be told. Your ceremony is written and delivered uniquely for you and there are no restrictions on content and you will not be bound by any format.

​Civil Celebrancy is different to humanist celebrancy – if your personal choice is to include aspects of your faith, you can. Be it a prayer, hymn, symbolic act or religious music, of any religion, then this you can do! It is entirely your choice.

By the same token, I can help you to craft a beautiful service which is completely secular and reflects what you want it to reflect – no matter how alternative!

Couples' Ceremonies

Couples' Ceremonies

Wedding celebrations, vow renewals, hand-fasting, commitment & partnership ceremonies

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Naming & Adoption Ceremonies

Naming & Adoption Ceremonies

Celebrate the arrival of your new family. Personally tailored ceremonies for naming and adoptions

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Funerals & Memorials

Funerals & Memorials

Celebrate the life of your loved one through a personally designed funeral, living-funeral, memorial or scattering of ashes ceremony

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Pet Ceremonies

Ceremonies for Pets

Celebrating our lives and loves with our furry and feathered companions, you can have a bespoke ceremony to recognise key moments in your pet’s life

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There's Even More To Me -
Than Just My Civil Celebrancy

Celebrancy is a major area of my work these days, but there is a deeper background to me. As it is my intention to always be honest and open through my work, I have blended the different aspects of my career together in my site and aim to share about myself so you know the person you are entrusting your stories with…


How It Works... In Brief

Working with me, I can guarantee you a unique ceremony completely designed and written to share the story or stories you wish to tell…

Choosing to use a celebrant to work with on your ceremony means that you get to have much more freedom and say in how you intend on celebrating this important milestone in your life. Your decisions can be made based on what is important to you, and I can help you achieve exactly what you would like to ensure your ceremony reflects the story and memories you would like to remember. For some people this may include some religious elements, for others: none at all.

For every ceremony you will generally find our process will take as long as is necessary to arrive at the important celebration day and will include:

  • Initial meeting(s) to discuss what you would like to share in your ceremony
  • Regular communication throughout while I prepare the ceremony
  • Bespoke writing of your ceremony – your celebration will be 100% yours
  • On the day, I will deliver your ceremony and ensure it reflects your intention
  • You will receive a presentation copy of the ceremony as a keepsake

This is about getting it right for you and making sure your ceremony or special day fits you…

Approximate Time Distribution For

Creating a Unique Ceremony

Meeting With You16%
Communicating With You12%
Preparing the Ceremony67%
Delivery of Ceremony5%

Remember the most time-costly element of the ceremony will be the writing and preparation. This can take up many hours of the celebrant’s time to get it exactly right, and perfected for you!

Recent Testimonials

Thank you!

The service you wrote reflected my uncle in a way that nobody has ever been able to quite put into words. You captured him perfectly, and such a beautiful send off. You really helped us at this difficult time.

Mrs. Tatten
On Kit's Work -As Funeral Celebrant
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