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Welcome to my Launch! So, here it is: a new website; a new name; a new location. Everything has changed, and I am feeling good about it all. Back in the late dark nights of November 2016 last year, I wrote a post about letting go. At the time I was making decisions about my...
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The First Steps on Life's Jouney
I apologise readily for the self-indulgence of this post. But, as the point of this blog is to reflect on my own experiences and share in the little drops of wisdom I have encountered in my own life's journey, I feel I need to air some of the frustrations and take stock of the world...
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A whole new breed of readers is born, and once again at the magic touch of J.K Rowling...
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There is no doubt that acting is a talent, and one that can be innate. But like any true calling, all hard graft requires constant honing. Declaring yourself as an actor is not enough...
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Waiting to go in for an audition can be excruciating. Knowing what is likely to happen as you enter the lion's den is a great way to take control of the experience. Here I offer my advice...
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I regularly receive questions like this on Twitter and Facebook... Here I answer a question about breaking into Musical Theatre
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Names are important. As a performer, our name usually serves as our first glimmer of hope that someone may consider picking us up for an audition or casting. Stage/Performance names can be immensely powerful.
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It is a sad truth that people are always going to exploit the needs (and dreams) of other people.
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